NaBloPoMo Day 5

There was no prompt posted for today and I'm exhausted, so I'll just share a bullet list of my busy, fun day:

  • We went to the natural science museum. They have a bug exhibit going on now and I observed the biggest, grossest beetle I've ever seen. As always, the kids had a blast in the dinosaur exhibit.
  • Nora and P built a 3-D model of the Eiffel Tower while Isaac was napping. I watched and took pictures.
  • After they finished that, I played Candyland with Nora while P put air in my tires, filled my gas tank, and bought me diet coke. He's a keeper.
  • When Isaac woke up, the kids and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. Then I spent 15 minutes reading in bed while the kids hung out with P.
  • I took Nora to a belated Halloween party this evening, where she had a blast and I enjoyed talking to the other parents that were there.
And now, I'm ready to CRASH. Goodnight.


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