Craft projects for the uncrafty

I'm always looking for easy craft projects to do with Nora while Isaac is napping. I'm not remotely crafty, but she loves all things art-related, so I force myself to do it for her sake. It's a nice way to spend time with her, even if her projects ultimately look less child-made than my own.

I happened the other day on something she loved and which kept her occupied for quite a while. It was easy, too, so I'm going to share for anyone out there who may be similarly uninspired (crafty people, feel free to laugh - I'm sure you do this and more before breakfast everyday).

Glue and Glitter

Step 1: Use glue to make a design on a piece of paper.

Step 2: Shake some glitter onto the glue design.

Step 3: When it's good and glittery, have the child give it to a parent to shake the excess glitter into the trash. (I guess if you're braver than me, you could allow the child to do this her/himself).

Step 4: Ooh and ahh over the glittery picture. I forgot to take a picture of the picture Nora was working on above (a birthday cake on a table), but here's her princess:

And here's her butterfly:

Optional Step 5: Decorate with other art supplies. Nora added a sponge-painted heart to her name design.

The finished product:

See? Simple. And no real craftiness required.

Now, just don't do what I did and leave the glittery pictures to dry on the kitchen table. Unless, of course, you also want your younger child to smear his/her face in glue and glitter when s/he wakes up from napping...


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