NaBloPoMo Day 10

Prompt: "What is your secret (or not-so-secret) passion?"

There are so many ways that I could answer this prompt. I'm passionate about my kids, obviously. I don't think I've worked harder at anything in my life than I have at trying to be a good mom for them. I love them wholeheartedly and devote most of my time, energy, and headspace to them.

But I'm also passionate about women's rights issues, especially relating to reproductive rights, pregnancy, and childbirth. I find it hard to see eye-to-eye with anti-choice people and I've given great amounts of time and effort towards working on issues of reproductive choice. As for pregnancy and childbirth, I never had much interest in either until I got pregnant with Nora, but I'd now define myself as a fierce advocate for the midwifery model of care and for natural childbirth. (Note: I do not mean that I think midwifery-based prenatal care and natural childbirth are the One True Way, but I do believe in empowering women to believe that their bodies are equipped to handle pregnancy and birth and that they don't need to buy into fear-based models of care. I also believe that women should be permitted to decide how they want to labor and birth and that hospitals too often restrict the rights of laboring women to do the things that will help them manage labor and birth pains without medical intervention). I would love to be a midwife in theory, but in practice I'm skeeved out by blood and don't want to do shift work - so I'm just here, advocating from the sidelines.

I have lots of other passions too, but those are the big ones.


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