NaBloPoMo Day 1

I'll be participating in National Blog Posting Month, hosted by BlogHer, for the entire month of November. The theme this month is "blogging for blogging's sake." I don't know how much I'll stick to the theme, but I'll do my best. It depends a bit on how inspiring I find each day's prompt.

For example, today's prompt is "what is your favorite part about writing?" For me, as someone who blogs about my life and the people in it, writing about writing doesn't interest me all that much. If all of the prompts involve writing about writing, I'm sure I'll veer off-topic fairly quickly.

For today, I'll just say that I write to share my life with others and forge connections. I love blogging and have done so, in some forum or another, for nine or ten years now. I've had different blogs for different periods and  stages of my life, but I'm hoping that this one will be the one that sticks. I purposely designed it to NOT be a mommy blog or a non-mommy blog or a work blog or a fitness blog. It's about all of those things and none of them. It's just... me. And I hope that by blogging as just me - rather than as Me the Mom or Me the Lawyer or whatever - I'll be able to meet some new people, stay connected to the people I already know (because I love reading others' blogs as much as I love writing mine), and have a record of my life to look back on someday.

That's it. Simple, right?


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