Snow day

We had slushy, wet snow today - not a lot, but enough to keep us home all day and make me mutter about not having migrated far enough south when I decided to jump ship from upstate New York all those years ago. Snow in October? Not okay! The kids are going to freeze when they go trick or treating on Monday.

But we had a nice day. We had a lazy morning, then P made crepes with fruit for lunch. While Isaac was napping, P hung out with Nora and I cuddled up in bed with our kitty and took a nap. And then in the afternoon, we ventured outside to play.

Bundled up and ready to go.

Isaac liked stomping around in the slush.

Nora LOVES snow. I think she was bummed that we didn't get more.

We came back in when the freezing rain started smacking us in the face, but the kids enjoyed themselves for the short time we were out there. And then P's relatives came over and started helping him tile our basement (our carpet was destroyed by the flooding from Hurricane Irene), so hopefully within a few days, we'll be able to return all of the basement stuff to its rightful place and have room to walk and play in the rest of our house again. We've been waiting on them to be available for over a month now, so the snow served at least one useful purpose!

Now I'm just crossing my fingers that our poor pumpkins aren't too soggy to carve tomorrow...


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