My two amigos

I was in the bathroom earlier today when Isaac came bursting through the door. "Square!" he shouted at me, holding up the square piece from his shape puzzle. I congratulated him on being correct and then shooed him out... because I was in the bathroom and seriously, how many more years until I can pee in peace? A moment later he returned. "Circle!" he shouted, proudly holding up the circle piece.

I heard giggling coming from the hallway. "Show her this one," Nora whispered. Isaac scurried back out to the hall and I heard Nora whispering, "Tell her it's a triangle." Isaac reappeared, holding the triangle. "Angle!" he said. I heard Nora cracking up.

Annoyed as I was about being barged in on in the bathroom, I couldn't help smiling. Now that Isaac is getting older, the two kids are playing so well together. It's awesome. Nora likes to try to teach Isaac things and loves to read to him. Isaac will do pretty much anything Nora says. She adores her little brother and he thinks his big sister hung the moon. As P noted the other day, they're the best things that ever happened to each other.

And it's always been like that, pretty much. Nora was a couple weeks shy of three when Isaac was born and we were prepared for lots of jealousy, anger at the new baby, potty regression, etc. She never went through any of that, though. She was a little skeptical of him at first, but never outright hostile. And within a few weeks, she was his greatest protector and champion. Sure, there are moments when they both need attention at once and the one who doesn't get it first gets frustrated. And sure, they fight like cats and dogs sometimes, especially when Isaac barrels through the living room with his trucks and knocks over Nora's elaborate block cities or stuffed animal play scenes. But for the most part, they're really good friends. They obviously love each other to pieces. And they have a lot of fun together.

I love my two little sillyheads. I am a very lucky mommy.


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