NaBloPoMo Day 17

Prompt: "Make a list of everyone you've ever had a crush on in your life, then choose one from the list and describe him or her in great detail."

Seriously? Are there seriously people who can name every crush they've ever had in their entire lives?

I'm going to do my best, but know in advance that I'm probably going to miss about 500 people. I develop crushes easily. Luckily, my husband is understanding about this! Probably because he knows that he's my biggest crush. :-*

Okay, the list:

Elementary school:
Bobby B.
Billy A.
Cody B.
Jason S. (my first "boyfriend," meaning we talked on the phone a few times and avoided each other in public)
Jordan from New Kids on the Block

Middle school:
Ben B.
Another Ben B.
Jeremy Jordan

High school:
Ken E.
Nik T.
Micah B.
Tom C. (my first "real boyfriend")
Mario N. (boyfriend)
Matt D. (boyfriend)
John N. (who is still a friend, and has this blog URL, and ohmygodifyou'rereadingthisI'mgoingtodie)
Chris M. (boyfriend)

Chris M. (we were still dating for part of this time)
Kate J.
Nate M. (dated exclusively for a brief time, although not for long enough to really qualify as a relationship in adult world terms)
P! (still my #1 crush to this day)

Law school:
P! (still my #1 crush to this day)
Alix Olson

P! (still my #1 crush to this day)
Several adorably nerdy guys from the Bachelor franchise (oh fine, you want names? Jason, Reid, and Ames)

Random and fleeting celebrity crushes not confined to one time period:
Matt Damon
Jon Stewart

And now I'm supposed to describe one in great detail? Geez. Alright, I'm going to use a random number generator. There are 25 people on that list, not counting repeats (repeats will be assigned the number of the first place they appear). Here we go... :

#17 on the list is... Kate. Really? Ugh. I don't wanna!

Okay, okay...

Kate. Kate was the head of the Women's Center at my college. She was a liberal feminist and activist and I basically wanted to be her. She had short hair and a nose ring and really intense eyes. She also somehow managed to come across as totally intimidating even though she couldn't have been more than 5'2" and maybe 110 pounds, tops.

Even though she was intimidating, she was very sweet. After hearing me on the phone with my idiotic serial cheater of a boyfriend (see #16 on the list), she asked a lot of pointed questions and rubbed my shoulders and helped me see that I deserved better. She comforted me after I spoke at a consciousness-raising event about having been raped as a teen by my then-boyfriend (see #13 on the list). And she totally let me down easy when I accidentally confessed my crush on her via a misdirected email. She was awesome.

She is awesome, in fact. We're still in touch via Facebook. We're both married, with toddlers only a few months apart in age, so we comment frequently on each other's kid-related stuff. I'm no longer intimidated by her and I no longer have a crush on her, but I still think she's pretty great. I mean, if not for her, I might very well have held on to that awful boyfriend much longer than I did... and then I never would have met my husband! So I'm grateful to her for that.

Now I'm going to hit "publish" before I chicken out on posting this... Eek.


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